So the gang decided to take a trip to the highlands again with Edinburgh high on the list of places to visit. As there were 12 of us going and a shed load of luggague (we decided to go for 6 days this time) we were tempted to hire some camper vans and live in a little more style than the usual tent. Alas finances were to shatter the chance of a real mattress once again.

Minibus Transportation Wins Again

Like our last trip James was on it with the financial calculations. No matter how we cut it there was just no way to make renting three or even two winabegos as cost effective for hiring a 12 seater minibus and camping in our tents again. I was quite dissappointed as I was looking forward to travelling in style. Even though you can hire some fairly luxurious minibuses these days the extra cost would defeat the object of a cheap few days fishing without breaking the bank. So once again we searched the web for a decent minibus. We looked on several sites and settled on minibusnation.co.uk eventually as someone else had recommended it. Once the transport was booked and our gear was all collected at my flat, we were ready to take on the wild waters of the highlands again. When everyone was onboard, Just for a laugh I said right Heathrow here we come. I was almost kicked to Scotland and back never mind driving. Luckily they eventually took pitty on me (felt bad for what they did lol) and Mick took over the driving. I wasn't sad to give up the wheel and have a much needed kip.  

You Drive The Bus

If you've ever driven to Scotland up the A1 there's a town on the coast about a mile before the border, called Berwich Upon Tweed. It's a stunning little coastal town that changed hands during the English, Scotish wars so many times most of the people who live there don't know what nationality they are. Before heading anywhere near our desired destination though we had to navigate the city that is Manchester, with the sound of football supporters singing in that out of tune way they do I was mindfull of the thousand pound excess on the minibus insurance while we inched our way through the city near Old Trafford. Happily we made it through and picked up our final member for the onward trip to Loch Long. We arrived at a crazy hour and I wasn't sure if I was happy that we'd missed the pub or cheesed off. Then Smithy mentioned he'd packed some Guiness and it didn't seem to matter any more. Once we'd streched the old legs we were all quite up for a camp fire a beer and the chance to discuss tactics for tomorrow. Not that there's major competition amongst our group but there was certainly a whole load of crap suggestions for various bait ideas being passed about. Eventually as the fire died down and it seemed essential that we retired before the sun came up and we were too tired to do anything I thought one of us should sleep in the minibus, just for added security. Its always a worry when you hire a vehicle and have to leave it unattended in a remote area. Just not worth the risk so I took first watch, even though sleeping in the bus is hardly watching at least if someone did try to steal it I'd wake up, I hope. Next morning we woke to find Gary already at the water, rod in hand, bait all ready. Not wanting to be out done Gary had left his second hand rod and reel at home and hire some top of the range kit. Serious game on then!   Once again the site is here to bring you news on Fishing with travel and weather reports to help you make the most of the season and stay prepared. Next week we ride from Luton England. We're being picked up at an awfully early hour, 5am. That's early for me! We usually ride together by motorbike but we've decided to go in style so we are hiring a minibus from Luton to take us all the way to the Scottish Highlands for a fantastic week of fishing. Now you might be frowning and asking yourself why we could possible go fishing on motorbikes. And even more important, why would we want to? Well it all started when 14 years ago when on a trip to America, we came across Hells Angels fishing on a lake with their bikes all lined up behind them. Being bikers we wanted to find out more so we took a deep breath and said hello. They were a fantastic bunch of guys and asked us to join them to sample the days catch. Well we'd be rude not to! When we finished eating they took off and we watched in awe as sixty three chopper style bikes and two three wheel trikes pulling their kit tore down the dirt track and vanished into the setting sun. Fishing in Scotland will be cold in comparison to our experience in LA with our new "best friends" but they have some great fishing waters and the scenery is beautiful. My favorite has to be Inveraray Pier on Loch Fyne.

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